Refinery29: Love Gurus




The Doctor is in! Thank you Refinery29 and Revlon for including me in your Beauty Nation campaign. In this series Refinery29 and Revlon explore and interview “The New Provocateurs,” women who are pushing the envelope and excelling in their respective fields.

I always kid that we’re making wedding planning cool. What I really mean by that is that we’re making it current, modernizing it and liberating brides and grooms from the dated perception of weddings, marriage, and love from generations before. I believe in tradition but the way to keep it alive is by adapting it to trends, behavior, and attitudes of today.

So honored to be grouped with this elite group of power women! Feeling quite fab!!!

Check out the full interview!

  refinery29-revlon-love-gurus-new-provocateurs-beauty-nation-annie-leerefinery29-revlon-love-gurus-new-provocateurs-beauty-nation-annie-leeinterview refinery29 revlon annie lee love guru beauty nation

Also check out this cool behind the scenes video they created of our Revlon beauty day and Refinery29 photo shoot!

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