Meredith Vieira Show: Wedding Do Over!


Our friends at the Meredith Vieira are looking for one lucky couple who were maybe unlucky on their actual wedding day and are looking for a wedding do over! Here’s their description. If this sounds like it’d be great for you or someone you know, contact us and we’ll put you in touch to hopefully patch up those rough memories.

 Couple Requirements

Was your wedding or somebody you know’s big day an absolute DISASTER beyond words? Was the food so bad the guests got sick? Did someone have one too many beverages and ruin the party? A major slip or a fall that shocked the guests? Dress or tux ripped at the seams? Officiant a no-show? All of the above?!? If any of this sounds familiar, we want to hear from YOU—who knows, one lucky couple might end up getting a second chance at their big day on a national talk show!

Email us at if you’re interested!

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