Introducing Louboutin Beauty: Nails

If you haven’t heard already Christian Louboutin just made their much awaited debut into the beauty world with, what else of course, nail polish! Did you know that the red sole was first inspired by a bottle of red nail polish? So how apropos.

I have on good authority that these polishes are top quality, 1 coat worthy!

The Louboutin classic Rouge has already hit shelves and flown off. They’re making more don’t worry and starting September all the other colors will make their appearance too. We’ve already preordered ours and will be stalking my mailman around mid-September.

These bottles are so stylish and no doubt are going to be collector’s items. They are weighted, resembling a calligraphers pen so that you can do your finest work.

Perfect bridesmaid gifts! And if you’re wearing Louboutin’s on your feet you should also have it on your toes!

Preorder yours too at Saks! (Yes it’s $50 but you’ll keep that bottle forever!)


louboutin rouge nail polish


louboutin nail polish


louboutin nail polish

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