Inspiration: Game of Thrones Themed Wedding


Even though we admittedly don’t watch Game of Thrones, we get it–it’s a hugely popular show, with amazing costumes and we guess there are some dragons in there too, right? (If you’re a G.O.T. fan and that last sentence made you cringe because “IT’S ABOUT SO MUCH MORE THAN COSTUMES AND DRAGONS”, we apologize.  We know it’s also about that girl’s amazing white-blonde, intricately braided hair.)  At any rate, whether we watch it or not, we get the feel of the show–at least enough to put together a mood board of inspiration as to what a G.O.T. themed wedding would look like.  We’re kind of thinking a super moody-sexy color palette, with dark grays, black, gold and deep plums/magentas, a few woodland inspired details (not kitschy mind you, just whimsical little touches like that amazing gold and silver twig headpiece), tons of drippy candles on long banquet style tables and loose flower arrangements with purples, dark greens, deep reds…perfection.   See, we totally get it! Now will our friends come out and play with us again instead of abandoning us every Sunday night?


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