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If you’ve ever been to a wedding where you didn’t know a single person except the bride and groom, you are going to love Guesterly–it’s a new company where there you can create what is basically a yearbook of your wedding guests so that they can get to know the other guests before the big day.  You can have just pictures and names (which may be helpful for our fellow wedding planners to study up on pre-wedding, too!) or you can have little stories for each of your guests–your call! Plus, you can update your book as RSVPs roll in. Have the books sent to guests before they get to the wedding or in welcome bags with other goodies.  Not only fun and helpful, Guesterly books are beautifully designed, too!

guesterly-guest-bags-welcome-bags guesterly-guest-bags-welcome-bags guesterly-guest-bags-welcome-bags

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