Custom Men’s Shirts from Alasbater & Chess

I know. A lot of groomsmen gift ideas this month.
I met with Alabaster & Chess today who design custom suits and shirts for men. Men’s attire is my achilles heel of wedding planning so always eager to learn more about the world of men’s fashion.
Custom suits are a great way to go for gm because like bm dresses, you know it’s hard to find one cut that is going to flatter every body type so why not pick the colors and materials then then get each one custom made – pick the stitching color, pocket style, lining fabric– especially if the price point is competitive with a designer suit. And what’s cool for the guys is that Alabaster & Chess will have their measurements on file for future pieces that are measured and tailored to fit like a glove.
So maybe gifting gm a suit each is more than you want to do but the shirts are also custom fitted and made (so no boxy/baggy look – hate that) and you can do cute things like have their initials embroidered. I feel like my euro guy friends all have their tailor make their shirts and is a new, now very available, option for our good ole American fellas.

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  1. A perfectly matched shirt and tie combination is one of those things you need to consider, in order to achieve the classy look.

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